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My Visit To China (Jan 17th - Feb 1st, 2004)

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Goto the Beijing Page Welcome to Beijing. This city has an unlimited source of entertainment. Hua and I visited the Great Wall about an hour and a half drive from Beijing, The Forbidden City, The Temple of Heaven, and Tain'anmen Square. It was very cold, but sunny when we were there, maybe -8F.

Great Wall

Goto the Great Wall Page You don't walk the Great Wall you climb it. There are, what seemed to me, very few level places where one could walk. It was instead stairs and then more stairs. You will see when you get inside. Not for the faint of heart. It was very cold and windy--I had a hard time catching my breath at one point.

Hong Kong

Goto the Hong Kong Page I was here by myself for a very short time. The photos are of two places Kowloon, which is the transportation hub in Hong Kong. These are all night shots. The second place is the airport on an island outside of Hong Kong, this has got to be the most beautiful airport I've ever seen.


Goto the Macau Page I really saw very little of Macau. I was in the city of Taipa and Coloane then stayed at a school in Dom Bosco. You will see lots and lots of photos of people mostly Occidental. This was a conference I attended and my room was a dorm with five other guys.


Goto the Shenzhen Page This is where Hua lives though she's from Jilin in the north. Shenzhen is a city of about 30 years, so it is very new and modern looking. You'll see the insides of a typical appartment toward the end of the photos. Hua's sister Ping is in there somewhere. Yup, that's an Irish pub you see.

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