AjaxStub is in its initial stages of release so there is still much work that needs to be done. Listed below in no particular order is what I would like to include or fix in this package.

  1. Subclass AjaxStub with an implementation that uses the Prototype API written by Sam Stephenson If you haven't used his toolkit take a look it's pretty cool.
  2. Flesh out registering public APIs written in a class. AjaxStub can currently work with APIs in classes, but the methods in them cannot use different CGI method types yet. This is now partially implemented, but still needs some work.
  3. Add the CGI methods PUT and DELETE to the AjaxStub JavaScript class thus making the API a bit more RESTful (Representational State Transfer). See
  4. I need to write more example code.

Carl J. Nobile 2007-08-02