Static Member Objects
__init__(self, type=AjaxStubDispatch.HTML, methodClassInstance=None)
The constructor takes two keyword arguments type defaults to the AjaxStubDispatch.HTML member object and methodClassInstance defaults to None. The options that can be passed to the type argument are AjaxStub.JSON, AjaxStub.XML, or AjaxStub.HTML. The methodClassInstance argument is used to pass in the instantiated object of your public API (stubs) class. Note: Methods and functions representing your public API can be used concurrently or individually. Methods do not need to be registered individually.
as = AjaxStub(AjaxStub.XML, MyPublicAPI())
getCGIValue(self, key)
Returns the raw value from the CGI parameter list where key is either AjaxStub.COMMAND or AjaxStub.ARGUMENT.
value = as.getCGIValue(AjaxStub.COMMAND)
hasCGIKey(self, key)
Returns True if the CGI parameter name exists else returns False.
if as.hasCGIKey(AjaxStub.COMMAND):


register(self, *args)
Registers a comma separated list of function objects all using a default CGI method or a comma separated list of tuples of function objects and a CGI method. Note: This method can optionally be used to add additional functions to your public API. Class methods are automatically registered when passed into the AjaxStub constructor.
def username(name):


def password(name, passwd):


as.register(username, (password, AjaxStub.POST))

In the example above username will use the default CGI mode and password will use the POST method.

unregister(self, name)
Unregister any function added with the register method. Note: Class methods can not be unregistered.
Returns a tuple of two internal dictionaries the map of the class API and a map of the registered functions.
methodMap, functionMap = as.getMethodMaps()
setCGIMethod(self, method)
Set the default CGI method for your Public API. If no default is set AjaxStub defaults to the GET method. Only two methods are available at this time GET and POST.
Gets the default CGI method.
cgiMethod = as.getCGIMethod()
Gets a list of all the function and method names.
stubList = as.getStubMethodNameList()
Return the two JavaScript variables that need to be set prior to instantiating the JavaScript AjaxStub class.
Create the stubs and return them as a string.
Handle the request from the client and execute the method/function requested from the client.
Enables the including of the traceback in the error result.

Carl J. Nobile 2007-08-02